Sexual assault and harassment are persistent forms of violence against women that are rooted in gender inequality. Sexual assault is the only violent crime in Canada that is not declining. Its impact goes far beyond survivors — dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault costs Canadians billions of dollars every year.

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The Shelter and its Moving Forward outreach program ensures women and children successfully transition from living in an emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically abusive relationship to living without violence and with a sense of purpose and empowerment in the community. When women are ready to begin rebuilding their lives (living free of violence) our dedicated staff are ready and willing to provide support and mentoring through this transition.

The Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Society represents many things to many people, be it staff, board, clients or the community. Above all, the Shelter is a community of care network. Together we work through life’s challenges with intention to allow space for healthy change. Every day we celebrate our strengths and work in a non-judgemental manner while clients work through transition.

It goes without saying that all of us at the Shelter share a love of selfless service. We possess the desire to help those in need and support them to realize their dreams. With your support we are able to fulfill our mission and offer programs that:

  • reduce the number of women and children living in, or returning to, violent relationships
  • teach and mentor the development of life skills through structured instructional sessions and workshops, group support and information sessions and mentoring
  • increase the number of participants attending activities and programs offered in our community
  • increase the number of participants attending and following through on appointments with community and regional medical, legal and advocacy services and agencies
  • increase the number of community service provider partnerships focused on addressing the issue of domestic violence in Revelstoke to ensure affordable, sustainable safe housing

We hope that you’ll accept our invitation to collaborate and give to the Shelter. In doing so, you are supporting one of Revelstoke’s oldest and most respected non-profits. Donating is easier than ever — Donate Now.