For over 30 years, Forsythe House, established by the Revelstoke Women's Shelter Society, has served as a place of refuge and support for women and their children at risk of all forms of abuse.

What to Expect

Forsythe House Facilities

If you are a woman who is fleeing abuse and are in need of a place to stay, and/or support, advocacy and referrals, our shelter provides a 24-hour staffed home with a 30–45 day stay for you and, if needed, your children. 

The four-bedroom house is alarmed and inside you will find a stocked kitchen, common rooms, two bathrooms and laundry facilities. The backyard has a privacy fence and is equipped with a playground and a quiet space for contemplation.

For clients staying at the house, there is an 11 p.m. curfew (staff are available 24/7 though, as is our helpline), mandatory bag checks and we lock up medications and sharp objects such as razors. We are a high barrier shelter which means we have a zero tolerance rule for drug and alcohol use.

Bedrooms have their own locks to ensure your privacy and safety. We ask that if you have pets to have a safe plan for them. You can also discuss this with staff.



The Revelstoke Women’s Shelter Society exists to offer support, assistance, information and referrals in a courteous and compassionate manner that respects the dignity, privacy, culture and diversity of women and children who are victims of abuse.


The Society established Forsythe House as a safe home to provide women and children in our community with temporary shelter. The Board of Directors and staff of the Society work in a non-judgemental manner to support women and their children while exploring their options.


The Revelstoke Women's Shelter envisions a community where women and children:

Are safe
Experience freedom from abuse
Are heard
Are treated with respect, dignity and equality
Have control over their own lives
Have access to services that will empower them

Protocols and COVID-19

House policy

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the Revelstoke Women’s Shelter has implemented a “Call First” policy. We ask that before you come to the shelter that you call the crisis line for a short intake screening.

The Revelstoke Women’s Shelter adheres to strict personal safety and confidentiality rules. During your intake, you will be asked to review and sign a few policy and consent forms. These forms help us serve you better and include:

  • Acknowledgement of our zero tolerance policy – no exceptions
  • Confidential intake forms
  • Confidentiality and safety forms

Summary of services

What we offer

  • Individual and/or child counselling and support
  • Some childminding
  • Everyday support (transportation, advocacy, accompaniment)
  • Parenting support and information
  • Aboriginal services (referring to local and culturally appropriate services)
  • Referrals
  • Help with finding housing, accessing financial support.
  • Completing an action plan that helps you map out your goals and how we can best support you on your path

Client Testimonial

"I had a wonderful time at the Forsythe House. Although I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil from events happening with my husband, I felt I was cared for in every way I needed. All the staff were understanding and caring for my emotional state, offering any type of support I needed. The house was full of healthy and educational activities for both my children. I couldn't have gotten to a place of being 'okay' with where I am at in life if it weren't for the wonderful staff who work at the Shelter. My heart is full of love and gratitude to you all. Thank you!"