Counselling program

Available to shelter clients and the Revelstoke community

Our in-house counsellor program means that women who stay at the shelter have access to professional guidance, for free, in the safe environment of the shelter. Our in-house counsellors visit the transition house for appointments with in-house clients.

We have also opened this program up to the wider community of Revelstoke as we recognise that addressing mental health in general is a preventative measure to abuse. Anyone in the community, of any gender, can access this program and we offer ten free sessions.

We are pleased to offer the counselling services of three counsellors, Marina Rachinski, Melyssa Hudson and Phoebe Toop. Marina offers art therapy and Melyssa and Phoebe offer counselling.

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Marina Rachinski (Art Therapy)

Melyssa Hudson

Phoebe Toop